Startup Camp is a 10 week program that will help you focus on building something that really matters. To many startups fail by a simple reason, they don’t put the customer or user in focus. We want to help you identify how you create the most value for your customers and by that optimize a scalable business model.

We don’t expect you to build a scalable business model in 10 week (but we actually have alumni that did) but we want you to set a solid foundation. The first step is to validate the Problem Solution fit, i.e. that you have found a customer problem that is a real pain and that you have a relevant solution for the problem.

We use an iterative process, ”Build Measure Learn” to get from hypotheses to facts as soon as possible. Build is not only product development but also creating different kind of tests to validate a hypothesis.

The objective is that you after the program have:

  • Validated the customer/user need
  • Identified (built) and verified the Minimum Viable Product
  • A crisp pitch to communicate your idea

Our offering:

During 10 intense weeks you will get:

  • Inspirational seminars from serial entrepreneurs
  • Crash-courses and Workshops in Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, Pitching, Funding etc
  • A dedicated business coach
  • Feedback and networking events with industry professionals etc
  • Free office space 24/7
  • Pitch opportunity at the Demo Day

The program is ”class-based” meaning that the majority of the sessions are held with all the teams, during 1-2 weekdays per week (office hours).  If any of teams are non-swedish speaking, all sessions will be in English.

The best teams will be offered an investment opportunity (up to 300 KSEK) from Chalmers Innovation and potentially other investors.

 Who are we looking for?

We primarily invest our time in teams, but you still need a unique tech-based idea with potentially a large market. It can be anything from consumer or enterprise software, mobile apps to hardware and new materials. The team need to possess the skills necessary to build a first version of the product (Minimum Viable Product, länk) and to talk to customers and users. However, the most important skill is true passion.

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